GetGPT vs GPTs

How can we create and share AI text-generation apps without needing to code? We’re diving into the exciting world of AI applications with GetGPT studio and GPTs. These platforms empower users to craft and distribute their own apps without touching a single line of code. But hold on tight, because while they share a common goal, their unique strengths and weaknesses set them apart. Let’s embark on this journey together and uncover what makes each of them special! 😊

GetGPT: Easy AI app creation and monetization of many different types

GetGPT is your go-to platform for effortlessly building and distributing AI-powered applications. With GetGPT, anyone can create and monetize their apps across diverse categories, all for free.

  • App creation using pre-made templates: GetGPT offers a wide range of templates to help you create AI apps. These templates are user-friendly and intuitive, making them accessible to individuals without any development background or AI expertise. Additionally, you can utilize the “Start with AI” feature, allowing the AI to generate prompts and configurations to kickstart your project effortlessly.
  • Advanced AI capabilities including voice chat, and document understanding: GetGPT enables the creation of diverse apps, extending beyond text generation. Explore VoiceChat apps for voice interactions with AI, PDF analysis tools, and a plethora of customization options — from user input content to app design.
  • Connecting with your audience: In GetGPT’s marketplace, you can monitor your app’s usage trends with detailed statistics and receive direct user feedback via comments and likes.
  • Monetizing your app: The Creator program, currently in beta, offers a pathway to monetize your apps by receiving payment based on subscriber count. It’s entirely free for creators, enabling the creation of an unlimited number of apps, whether free or paid. In essence, you can start earning without any upfront costs.
  • Lack of language support: Regrettably, GetGPT is currently only accessible in English, Japanese, French, and Spanish. The user base predominantly comprises individuals from these language communities.

GPTs: Creating your own chatGPTs

GPTs are customized chatbots leveraging the capabilities of ChatGPT for personalized purposes. Accessible to subscribers of the ChatGPT Plus plan, GPTs available in the GPT Store offer tailored solutions for various user needs.

  • Building with simple chat: You can easily create an app through chat with the same UI and usage on the ChatGPT page. Simply enter the content of the GPT you want to create into the chat, and your GPT will be completed.
  • Image creation & web browsing: Utilize GPT’s technology to craft a chatbot capable of various tasks, from fetching real-time information via Web Browsing to generating images with DALL-E Image Generation and analyzing user input using the Code Interpreter in Python to deliver responses.
  • Branding your GPTs: Craft a logo tailored to the content of your desired GPTs or incorporate your existing logo image, enabling you to establish your unique brand identity as a GPT creator.
  • GPTs can only be created when you pay for ChatGPT: Access to GPTs is exclusive to users subscribed to the ChatGPT Plus plan or Team plan; it is not available to those on the free plan.

GetGPT and GPTs offer distinct advantages. GetGPT facilitates free, customizable app creation with user interaction akin to crafting your own app. On the other hand, GPTs provide an experience similar to ChatGPT while leveraging OpenAI’s DALL-E, Bing web browsing, and other technologies to develop apps.

For those seeking to create a diverse type of apps using straightforward templates, we suggest beginning with GetGPT. However, if you’re inclined to develop your personalized ChatGPT, we recommend exploring GPTs.

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