[GetGPT Tips] #1. How to set up your profile on GetGPT

[GetGPT Tips] #1. Make Your Profile Shine on GetGPT

Welcome to the first tip in our [GetGPT Tips] series! Today, I’ll show you how to create a profile on GetGPT.

Step 1

Go to your profile icon at the top right and hit [⚙️ Account].

Step 2

Pick a cool profile picture, add your name, and choose a fun username.

  • Profile Picture: Choose from our avatars or upload your own awesome picture.
  • Name: This shows up alongside the app information when you create an app.
  • Username: Your username typically reflects your nickname or Instagram ID. Pick something catchy that shows off your style.

Step 3

If you are all set, hit [Save] at the bottom.

You can check out your snazzy new profile in the [Profile] tab. If you want to tweak it, just click [Edit].

Now, build your own apps and give your profile some flair with colors! Don’t forget to check out other users’ profiles and hit [follow].

➡️ Set Up My Profile

➡️ Explore Marketer Profiles

Stay tuned for more awesome tips in the [GetGPT Tips] series!

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