GetGPT vs AI Writing Tools (Jasper,

GetGPT, Jasper, and are all AI-powered tools designed to assist users in generating various types of creative content. Today, we’ll compare these services.


Jasper focuses on generating marketing copy, long-form content, and various creative writing formats. It is a subscription-based service with plans starting at $39 per month.


  • Boss Mode: Generates long-form content like blog posts, articles, website content, and even scripts efficiently.
  • Recipes, emails, and other content types: Offers a variety of templates beyond marketing copy, including product descriptions, social media captions, and creative writing prompts.
  • Brand voice feature: Allows you to train the AI on your brand voice and style, ensuring consistency across content.


  • Cost: More expensive than and lacks a free trial.
  • Limited customization options: While offering some customization, it relies more on pre-built templates and AI-generated variations rather than allowing complete control through prompts. focuses on creating short-form content. The service is subscription-based, with plans starting at $49 per month.


  • Affordable: Offers a free plan and competitive pricing compared to Jasper.
  • Extensive library of templates: Covers various content types with pre-built templates for social media posts, marketing copy (e.g., ad copy, website headlines), and emails.
  • Chrome extension: Integrates seamlessly with your workflow, allowing content generation within various online platforms.


  • Limited customization: Relies heavily on templates and offers less freedom for creating unique content compared to GetGPT.
  • Focus on short-form content: While offering some long-form options like blog outlines and intros, it’s primarily geared towards shorter content formats.


GetGPT focuses on easy AI app creation. It operates two main services: Studio, a platform where you can design your own app using numerous templates, and Marketplace, a space where you can explore apps developed by other users.


  • Free: No subscription fees, making it accessible to everyone.
  • No learning curve limitation: Unlike the other two, GetGPT’s potential isn’t limited by pre-designed templates or features; it opens the door to explore diverse content creation possibilities based on your imagination and prompt crafting skills.
  • Various Features: In addition to text generation applications, there are also OpenChat apps that enable conversation with AI along with multiple users, VoiceChat apps for voice-based AI interaction, and PDF apps that analyze PDF files to provide answers.
  • Marketplace: There is a space where users from all over the world can freely communicate and exchange feedback through comments.

Key differences between GetGPT and the others:

  • GetGPT is free: While Jasper and require subscriptions, GetGPT offers its platform at no cost.
  • GetGPT offers wider customization: Due to the prompt-based approach, GetGPT allows for a broader range of content creation possibilities compared to the pre-defined templates of other tools.


Choosing the right tool depends on your needs and goals:

  • For businesses and content creators: Jasper offers a good balance between ease of use, pre-built templates, and advanced features like Brand Voice and long-form content creation.
  • For individuals and small businesses: provides a cost-effective option with a user-friendly interface and a wide variety of templates for short-form content.
  • For developers, writers, and creative users: GetGPT offers a free platform with high customization potential for those comfortable with prompts and want more control over their content creation process.

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