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Do you still ask ChatGPT the same questions every time?

‘Write me a business email’, ‘Summarize the contents of a report’, ‘Give me a recipe’

GetGPT makes it easy to create apps that perform these repetitive tasks without coding.

GetGPT makes it easy for users with no development experience to create AI services.

Create and use web apps without coding

So, what is a “Web App” that you can create in GetGPT?

A web app is software that can be used by entering a web address or clicking a link in a web browser such as Chrome or Safari. It’s not an app that you download and use like Whatsapp or Snapchat, but an app that works with a link.

GetGPT is a no-code tool that allows you to create these web apps without coding, and when you create an app in GetGPT’s studio, it is automatically listed in the marketplace. No-code tools are tools that allow non-developers to create and modify apps and websites. With these tools, GetGPT makes it easy for users to create and use their own web apps.

Introducing GetGPT’s services

Studio: Create simple AI apps using templates

Studio is a space for creators to build their own apps.

All you need to do is select an app template, set the title and description of your app, what you want the user to input, and write a command statement (prompt) to pass to GPT. Then hit publish!

Your AI app is complete and ready for the marketplace!

Marketplace: a place to try out different AI apps

GetGPT also has a marketplace where you can try out AI apps created by other users.

Here, users can easily find and use the apps they need in a variety of categories, including writing, business, and entertainment. You’ll find useful apps like composing business emails, as well as fun and quirky apps like Chat with Barbie and The cursing grandmother AI etc.

GetGPT makes it easy for users to experience AI technology, and our goal is to make it possible for anyone to create interesting and fun apps using AI, without the need for difficult development.

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