[GetGPT Tips] #10. Create an app with just one sentence

Have you ever had an app you wanted to build but couldn’t get started because you couldn’t write down the prompts?
’Start with AI’ can help you get started! 🙌

We’d like to introduce you to ‘Start with AI’ a feature that lets you create an app with just one sentence of your idea.

How to use ‘Start with AI’

1️⃣ First, click on the ‘Start with AI’ template in Studio.

2️⃣ Enter your idea for the app you want to create.

3️⃣ Let AI build an app for your idea, like this.

AI even creates the perfect prompt for your idea!

4️⃣ Edit it to your style, publish it, and you’re done!

Simple ideas are great! Start making them now 🪄

➡️ Try ‘Start with AI’

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