Three Tips to Improve Your App’s Performance on GetGPT

I believe my app is good, but the responses from GPT are a bit strange. I’m unsure of the best way to communicate my intentions to GPT.

When creating an app on GetGPT, you may encounter certain challenges. In this article, we provide three tips to help you develop an app that performs well on GetGPT.

Use these tips while building your app in GetGPT Studio!

1. Provide Examples in Your Prompts

If you can’t get the desired answer from the AI, even after making adjustments to your prompts, try providing an example!

Examples are highly effective in guiding GPTs to generate the desired responses.

Below is an image of an app that generates a club flyer.

The first picture is an example of what the output looks like when no example is provided in the prompt.

The second picture is when I provided an example of the desired answer format in the prompt. As you can see, the answer is nicely formatted and easy to read when an example is provided.

2. Provide specific names for input fields

As a creator, it is important to name the input fields for your app’s users. This is a crucial aspect of app development because it helps match user input to prompts.

Users rely on the field names to understand what information to enter. Therefore, it is recommended to use clear and easily understandable names.

For instance, if you are creating a book recommendation app, instead of using the abstract term “taste”, consider using a more specific field name like “genre of books you usually read”. This will ensure that users provide accurate input, leading to improved functionality of the app.

3. Utilize existing app and AI templates

GetGPT Studio offers a range of templates that creators can utilize to build apps. Moreover, there are pre-made apps available in the Simple App and Chat App templates, including a Joke app and Translator app, which are commonly used.

If you’re not familiar with creating apps, you can easily create similar apps by modifying these pre-made apps!

If you don’t have any apps to reference and don’t know where to start, you can use the Start with AI template. It’s a convenient feature that allows you to provide a brief description of what you would like to build, and then it automatically generates the app for you. You can even add some customization to the AI-generated app to make it even more tailored to your needs!

We’ve discussed three tips for building better apps with GetGPT Studio: adding examples to your prompts, giving specific names to your input fields, and utilizing existing apps and AI templates. Now, let’s apply these tips and start building an app!

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