[GetGPT Tips] #6. Keep Your Favorite Apps Handy with Collections!

Tired of searching for your favorite apps every time you visit GetGPT? There’s a solution — Bookmark!

Think of Collections like folders on your computer. Using the Bookmark feature, you can neatly organize similar apps into Collections. Here’s how to make them work for you:

Step 1

Find an app you love and hit [Save] to stash it away in a collection.

Step 2

Want to create a new collection? Just click [Add to Collection]! You can even decide if you want it to be public or just for your eyes only.

If you make it public, your collection might show up in recommendations for others!

Step 3

To check out your saved apps, just click on your profile and head to the [Bookmark] tab.

And there you have it — your key to keeping your faves at your fingertips! Happy app hunting on GetGPT!

Save Apps at Collections

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