[GetGPT Tips] #9. Create Your Own AI Apps

If you’ve enjoyed using the apps on GetGPT, how about giving a shot at creating your very own app now? Just imagine it: your very own app, tailor-made to do exactly what you want. And don’t worry, it’s super easy!

Currently, there are seven templates available.

  • Simple App: Templates for a single text output
  • Chat App: Templates for ongoing conversations
  • Ast to PDF: Templates to answer questions based on an uploaded PDF file
  • Start with AI: Tell us what you want, and AI will complete the templates
  • Multi-step App: Templates for a series of sequential prompt blocks
  • Document App: Templates that output multiple answers at once
  • VoiceChat App: Templates that can directly converse with AI

Just pick the template you need, write a catchy title and brief description for your app, decide what input you want from users, and jot down the commands you want to give to the AI.

Hit up our tutorial and start app creation now!

If you want more info, check out Help Center.

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