Want to sell AI prompts? Here are the best 4 prompt marketplaces

AI prompt marketplaces are platforms where you can buy and sell different prompts to increase the efficiency of your AI tools and generate creative outputs. These marketplaces are very useful for developers, designers, content creators, and others who utilize AI technology. 🚀

Leading AI prompt marketplaces

  • GetGPT is a platform where you can create and share GPT apps that use your prompts to generate results. You can create different types of apps such as text generation, voice chat, PDF file analysis, and more. Open in beta, the Creator Program allows anyone to create and monetize their apps by getting paid based on the number of subscribers they get, without the need for a paid plan. The best part of the program is that you don’t have to expose your prompts to the outside world, and you can earn recurring revenue every month.
  • PromptBase is a marketplace where you can sell and buy over 100,000 different AI image and text generation prompts. The price per prompt ranges from $1.99 to $9.99, depending on the algorithm, and the commission is 20% of the sale. PromptBase offer a number of features to help buyers find and buy the prompts they want, including searching for the prompts they want and chatting with the prompt creators.
  • AIPRM is a service that provides a Google Chrome extension for creating chatGPT prompts. Once you install the extension, you can click and use the prompts you want directly from the chatGPT page. The AIPRM marketplace offers prompts that specialize in SEO and writing. They don’t yet offer ways for prompt creators to get paid.
  • PromptHero offers specialized prompts for image generation using Midjourney, DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and its own platform, Openjourney. The best part is that you can copy the prompts and use them right away. There are no monetization features for prompt creators.

AI Marketplace Comparison

The AI Prompts Marketplace is a huge opportunity for anyone working with AI technology. Whether you’re looking to create your own prompts, or you’re looking to improve the results of your AI efforts with good prompts, the AI Prompts Marketplace is the place to be! 🌟

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